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The Intellivision project I was working on? Dead. Nobody cares about it enough to help me. I shouldn't be shocked, though, because people have lives. I, on the other hand, don't. The ActionMax and Odyssey 1 projects are still going, but only because I don't need help on those. I haven't been working on the ActionMax one, though. And I'm waiting for Fall to get the overlays done for the Odyssey 1 project. We have to take care of my nephew since there's no school during the summer. I doubt he'd want to wait in a hot car with my mom while I go into Kinko's for about ten or so minutes while they make the overlays. And I'm also having them print the instructions as well. And hot. today is supposed to start a 3-day heat wave, with the temperatures being 100+ for today, Friday, and Saturday. (That's about 38 centigrade for the rest of the world. I used my trusty N-Gage to figure that out. With its converter.) I got my INTV out from the garage to make sure it still works. I accidentally dropped it. It works fine though. I had to clean the voice module since it was dirty. It semi-works. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't.

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