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Is this topic bordering on "TI Blasphemy"?


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I recently read a post that directed me to this wonderful page on the TI-99/5, yes FIVE! :thumbsup:

It got me wondering... with all the gadgets we want for the TI, would it be blasphemy to speak of an entirely new project?


What I have in mind might take 2 or 3 years to complete, heck maybe even 4 or 5. This idea would also require the combined genius input and participation of many of the TI gods & gurus here on Atari Age to succeed.


Now most of us here already have multiple consoles, some we want to keep stock, and others we are willing to 'do something with'. What I'm proposing is to totally gut one console entirely and replace it with an entirely new modern motherboard. This new TI could be anything we decide it should be and everyone could have some input.


One thing I think is obvious is 100% backwards compatibility, but there could also be a way to switch to a 'new mode' that could give us all extra capabilities like the Geneve. The motherboard could even support internal plug-in modules, obviously the F18A would be one, but there could be others keeping the external form factor minimal, but giving this thing the potential for future growth.


From what I understand FPGA is an acronym that means it's possible. What say you? Does this interest anyone?

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Well, putting the TI99 on a FPGA has been somewhat mentioned in this forum and I am all for it. A multiple system, capable of the TI994A, Geneve, TI998A, and so on by the flick of a switch would be an awesome thing. But I would like to wait to see if the FPGA Geneve 2 project is finished and see what it will be capable of before I go this route. I would buy two of those in a heart beat if it ever comes to fruition. But the idea is sound and the resources are available if we as a group want to invest in such an endeavor. The MIST(or MYST) board or similar sounds like a good starting point.

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