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[#038] Throwing more ketchup jellybeans.

...Man, we're in the middle of August and I've barely spent any time on AtariAge in 2016. I've also kept my new year's resolution of not posting any status updates or photos on Facebook, only limiting myself to replies on others' content. I'm really trying to wean myself off that shit altogether and have more time and focus on life unfolding in front of my own eyes, particularly my soon-to-be three-year-old princess of a daughter.

We've "cut the cord" and no longer have cable tv. it's been about a month. We also replaced what was probably a 10-year-old modem with a new one, since it was capping out at lower speeds than what we're paying for. We were tempted to go one tier higher with the internet speed but decided to stay at tier three (of five). in order to keep access to SOME stuff, we signed up with Sling TV but also have the Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime libraries at our disposal. I refer to those three as the holy trinity. adding Sling TV to the mix gives us some extra "live" channels (like AMC for The Walking Dead) plus some stuff our daughter would be missing like the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes which are all on-demand.

After my dad told me about his $170 fancy attic antenna with a rotating pole and whatever else came in the package, I did my own research and got a GE-branded non-rotating antenna from Amazon for $20, installed that in my attic, ran cables down, and we now get 34 free over-the-air channels in one room and 37 in the other. I didn't connect the kid's TV, but she has a Roku in there which connects to my external hard drive via WiFi to stream all her ripped Disney DVDs and such, plus all the stuff I mentioned in the previous paragraph. Pro tip: go to antennaweb.org and punch in your address. You'll get an illustration of the best direction to point your antenna. You don't need one that moves.

So we're set and we don't miss cable tv. Screw Cox!

In other news, I'm sick of hearing about Hillary this and Trump that. They are BOTH horrible, so rooting for either one and praising either one makes you an idiot either way.

I wish the Olympics was on 365 days a year but skip out on the crap sports like sync-diving/swimming.

I also find it odd that there wasn't much national media attention with the Baton Rouge flooding. I guess that's because the people of Louisiana took a page out of the Katrina '05 book and learned how to deal with it themselves and help each other. since the media couldn't get any crying pity stories to help the journalists get an easy paycheck, they stayed out. good, stay the hell out. we got this.

My parents moved there from NOLA after Katrina. Luckily they live in one of the few areas that were not affected. Had i not been working so much overtime, i would have trekked up to BR with loads of necessary items like garbage bags, cleaning gloves, cleaners, food and bottled water. Being a Katrina survivor, i feel a bit guilty that i did absolutely nothing to help. But it's not too late. As soon as I finish up this blog I'm going to find some way to donate something.

One more thing before I go and then I'm done and I can go home; you can't find AM/FM radios in stores anymore. You're old. We're old.


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