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atari2600land's Blog - #104 - R.C. Grand Prix


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So it was a coincidence that it had been exactly one month ago I got my last Game Gear game. I went to the gaming store. Still wanting Alex Kidd and the Lost Stars for SMS, but am wondering at the $20 price tag they put on it. Anyway, I did buy R.C. Grand Prix for the Game Gear, my 104th game for the console. It plays a lot like Sprintmaster, or Antz Racing for the Game Boy Color (which was released 5 or so years later!) Antz game more describes it because the car is nearly impossible to steer and you must race against very proficient computer racers, so you end up running out of time. Or so that was my message after I had completed one lap and the computer controlled players already whizzed by me right after I started. At least the stupid thing has credits so I know who to blame. If I was a playtester, I would have written in the comments section "IMPOSSIBLE." But unfortunately, I was only about 10 years old when the thing came out so I didn't know. And I had a Game Boy instead of a Game Gear back then. The Game Boy may be black and white, but at least their games weren't almost impossible. That is why I started homebrew on Game Gear: So I could make some easy games I am actually able to beat.

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