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Online gaming help - any ideas?


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Any of you tech gurus have any idea what the heck could cause this confusing mess?


I play online with a 2 friends. They live in the same house, and have 2 PS4 systems connected via the same internet. When we try to play online, usually only 2 of us can get connected at the same time, and the 3rd will either get a generic "connection error" or will connect for a short time and be dropped off. When he reconnects, the other player will be kicked out of game. For example --


Player 1 and 2 live in the same house. Player 3 in a different house. All have high speed internet. All are showing the correct NAT type.


Player 1 and 2 can connect fine. Player 3 has trouble connecting to the game.


Player 1 and 3 can connect fine. Player 2 has trouble connecting to the game.


Player 2 and 3 can connect fine. Player 1 has trouble connecting to the game.


This has happened on multiple games, and we're at a bit of a loss. Any help would be appreciated.

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