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What HDD's where available for Vic-20 and C-64?


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What HDD's where available for Vic-20 and C-64?

From a mainstream perspective:


For the 64/128, Lt KERNAL

For all IEC devices, CMD HD


As for the rest:


There was an ICT mini chief that had a small HDD packed into a 1571 case:




Looks like there were some others as well:



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There's also IEE-488 cart adapter for C64 but it's rare as heck.


You're more likely to find a working CMD hard drive than IEE-488 adapter.


But if storage space is important, consider a $50 SD2IEC instead. The storage medium is a SD card which can go for a few dollars or so each. I have an itty-bitty 512MB SD card loaded with lots of program, enough to span a few hundred floppy disks and it still has room to spare. Going just by commercial disks, you won't even reach 1GB.

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Really, If you want something with 'mass storage' back in the '80s over IEEE then several BBSs ran SFD-1001s. Basically, BBSs bolstering they have a meg of storage. This was a lot for a Commodore 64 back in the day. Even held more then a 1581 which came out years later.

This excluded what was listed above of course. Just another option.

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Of course once you add an IEEE-488 interface, yet more options open up like a Corvus HD with a SoftBox interface. It probably mainly was advertised to PET and CBM-II users, but in theory you could use it on a C64 as well, even if it takes two levels of interfacing between the computer and the hard drive.

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