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32-in-1 / 1200XL


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I've discovered a spare APE Warp OS 32-in-1. Ideally i'd like to put it into my 1200XL.


the one i'm considering is my Antonio upgraded 4mb 1200XL


from what i can see (atarimax) site - the actual boards are the same, and only require an XE MMU and Basic Upgrade.


so, bearing in mind that the 4mb upgrade has slots for various basics, and i have an XE MMU lying around

should this 32-in-1 fit straight into the 1200XL? - or is this "more trouble than it's worth?



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Oh, sure, spare 32-in-1's laying around like spare screws! If you don't even know all the Atari stuff you own, maybe you own too much? ;)


You got it right with the MMU and BASIC, and a few jumpers moved around...maybe one jumper wire...there's the directions at AtariMax for installing the 32-in-1 in a 1200XL.

But I know nothing about the 4MB upgrade so I can't say anything about conflicts with BASICS, etc.

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