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HW resources sitckied post HELP


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Hello community.


I'm OK with putting together a thread that lists hardware resources (to buy or to build) but as a relative noob here I'd like to ask our veterans to please post any links here that you think should be included.

If a single site has multiple items (arcade shopper, atariage store, etc..) then only one link is needed and in the description could be a summary of individual items.

Things I think I can most likely locate myself would be the flashrom99, ubbergrom, sidecart32k project (basically any active projects here), internal 32k mod, crstal meth, uhm speed, uhm, 14mhz crystal speed up, F18A, GoTek related The most popular stuff.

I can use help with locating MOD instructions for things like the rs232 pc transfer setup, And more hardware that is still available for purchse including the SCSISd link (I can find that one here as it was reposted recently).


As soon as I get a nice contribution added to what I'm gathering, I can get that post made.

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