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MPP Microfiler source code


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  • 2 months later...

Along with all the MPP Atari disks and printouts that I posted earlier, I received some Commodre 64 disks — which I was finally able to read when I figured out my Kyroflux.


The disk images are attached here: MPP C64 disks.zip


I believe these include the C64 version of the MicroFiler source code, and possibly the Atari version of MicroFiler source which may have been cross-compiled from the C64. (Printouts of both versions are here MPP Microfiler - Commodore 64 - Source Code and here MPP Microfiler - Atari - Source Code.) There's also things called called Butler and MiscSourceFiles, also cross-compiled to the Atari from C64. (I can tell because a transfer-files-over-the joystick program is included.) Another intriguing thing is "New Hard Disk ROMS for XL/XE" (HDROMS), again on a C64 disk.



Finally, I've attached a Kyroflux raw dump of a disk called TPUG-VIC, which doesn't seem to be a valid Commodore or Atari or PC disk. Maybe someone can figure it out. TPUG-VIC kyroflux raw dump.zip
Poke around and let us know what you find.



P.S. I should clarify that this is all stuff from MPP and/or Supra.

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  • 2 years later...

Here's a transcription of the listing (ignoring the copious hand written markup), with some cutoff lines filled in by examining the 1.1 cartridge dump (which is similar, but does not match this source code).

The listing does not show many of the equates, so my script to generate a MADS compatible assembly for validation pulled the values from the reference list at the end of the listing.

I hope to do a guided disassembly of the 1.1 cart using this as a guide in the future.


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