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Questions on Amiga values


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Hey all,


I happened to meet up with a guy who has a pile of Commodore Amiga systems and accessories as well as C64s and 128s, stuff like that. I'm not into that stuff personally, so I have no idea what is collectible or whatnot, but I might grab it anyway.


Is there any sort of list of values or rarity on this stuff that might be helpful? It would nice to have some idea of values, but sitting there in his basement punching up Ebay auctions might not be the most discrete way to go about it!


In my limited experience, it seems like with C64s or 128s, you almost cant GIVE them away. Seriously, I did give one away that someone gave me, and it still took a while. But the Amiga seems to be something a little more interesting.



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Amiga A500s and A600s are pretty common. If they include power supplies and mice they are worth a little more. Boxed is more again. Ebay prices seem to be about $75 to $200 ranging from unboxed/untested to boxed/tested/proven working. Amiga A500s are built like tanks and should run forever. Amiga A600s are less well made but have the advantage of being able to be expanded with the Vampire accelerator. Many Amiga A500 Plus and Amiga A600 machines suffered from battery leakage that destroyed the motherboards.


Amiga A1000s seem to be similar prices to the A500s. They are more limited and really only of interest to collectors.


Amiga A1200s are less common but attractive due to the 68020 CPU, 2MB RAM and AGA chipset. However problems with leaking batteries and failing keyboards mean buyers need to be cautious. The 1200 case seems especially prone to discoloration. Ebay prices are probably twice that of the 500/600 series.


Amiga A2000s (plus derivatives A1500 and A2500) are common and priced similar to 500s/600s. Bulky, they are of interest to those who want to explore video toasters, hard disks and original-era memory expansion cards, but require a substantial investment in desk space to realize their potential.


Amiga A3000s are pricey. Great machines, with faster 68030 processors and a beautiful case, some Amiga enthusiasts consider the 3000 to be the best of the Amiga line. Prices seem to be $600 and up.


Amiga A4000s were the last of the line. The fastest original Amiga and featuring the same AGA chipset as the 1200, they were powerful but also kinda ugly to look at. If you are a serious Amiga user, the A4000 is the one you want.


Note that U.S. prices are higher than U.K./German prices due to the Amiga being less popular in the U.S. than it was in Europe. Similar story for Atari ST. Many Amiga and ST enthusiasts now seem to prefer Amibay and/or Atari-Forum to selling on Ebay. Prices on those forums are typically a little lower than Ebay, but there is no Ebay/Paypal tax to pay, and sellers usually demand Paypal gift payments to prevent charge-backs.


If you find a working A1200 let me know. I may be interested in making you an offer on it.



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