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Centralizing the publicly made available subject, regarding latest or/and best working revision, below are individual links; one for ROMs with their respective header (AKA *.a78 files) and the other for screenshots. The screenshots have been placed into subfolders by letter due to the sheer number of them:


ROMS: A7800_HHDP_20160905_ROMS.zip

SNAPS: A7800_HHDP_20160905_SNAPS.zip


*UPDATE SEPT 28, 2016: Going forward, please check the Homebrews and Hacks Thread, towards the bottom of the first post, for the latest 'One Download' ROMs and snapshots.

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It has been a little over three weeks and we have some great additions to the One Download file. Going forward, the latest download for ROMs and snaps is located towards the bottom of the first post in the Homebrews and Hacks pinned thread.


Click the spoiler below for some highlights of the included additions since the first 'One Download' post on Sept 5:

ADDITIONS since 20160905:

UPD: T:ME Salvo
UPD: Super Circus Atari Age
UPD: Bleach Pac-Man (Graphics Hack)
UPD: Double Dragon RC7 (Graphics Hack)
UPD: Kung-Fu Master RC2 (Graphics Hack)
UPD: Donkey Kong Jr (Graphics Hack)
UPD: Galaga (Graphics Hack)
UPD: Mario Bros (Graphics Hack)

NEW: Impossible Mission (RED), (GREEN), and (C64), alternates to the 'original' (BLUE), (Graphics Hack)
NEW: Scrapyard Dog (Graphics [& Infinite Lives] Hack)
NEW: Asteroids (Vector Edition)
NEW: Dual Pac-Man (Hack)
NEW: Hangly-Man (Hack)
NEW: Ms. Pac-Attack (Hack)
NEW: Ms. Pac-Man (Fast Hack)
NEW: Pac Jason (Graphics Hack)
NEW: Pac-Man (Hack)
NEW: Pac-Man Plus (Hack)
NEW: Ultra Pac-Man (Hack)
NEW: Rescue On Fractalus (Prototype)
NEW: 3D Maze Game
NEW: Chicago Basement

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