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Anybody got a moving truck and $4000?


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Kind of sad to see. Wouldn't be worth $4000 unless there were vintage tube amps in good condition, a vintage Les Paul, and maybe a coin collection. :)


I have too much junk around my house but mostly because of bad knees and too cheap to pay $60/load to dump it! I gave my daughter my Pentax set up with auto winder, half a dozens lens, filters, everything you could spend money on a camera for in the 70s and she just laughed and called it an old camera. => no value.


I've known a couple of people that do this type of 'collecting', mostly they just drive around on trash days where you can put anything at curbside and the garbage men<people> take it. One of these has lost his filter and reason. He maintained three large storage units where he kept the crap while he slept in his car! I tried to convince him; for the money he was paying for storage he could rent a room and keep the stuff in his room/closet. He looked at me like I just suggested he have sex with his mother.<sigh>


It's really isn't rocket science to figure out the way things go. 8-track tapes sucked! Atari cassettes sucked! Sanyo anything back in the 70s sucked. People get nostalgic for the good memories, not the lack of polio vaccines and crappy electronics. Sheesh! Even in our corner of the universe there isn't a lot of buzz about a new Atari cassette compared to something like a reproduction Corvus HD.

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