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Apparently one of the users on my ignore list is whining about something. <ignored user>, as the founding member of the self centred special snowflake club has repeatedly showed disrespect to this forum and its users. The constant bill boarding/spamming of threads last week was indicative of {ignored user}'s lack of forum etiquette and demonstrates why (ignored user) ended up on my ignore list, a really handy feature of the board software.


While I thank the members that have not added //ignored user// to their ignored list for telling me that he is whining about something, I added "ignored user" to my ignore list for a reason. I'm quite content to not have to read anything 'ignored user' has to say, especially since <he/she> still apparently has nothing of value to contribute to our little Intellivision community.


To answer the request posed by <[{"'ignored user'"}]>..."...no. Get used to it or leave the board, either way, [ignored user], you have...

...umm, ah, wasted enough of my ti...screw it, I'm not wasting any more keystro_____<end of line>

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