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Doctor Clu's Dissertations - Great list of DC Comics Animated Movies


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Tonight I was cruising through a bunch of those sites with the fun information, though the next button for the next slide is usually scrolled off the screen and as a annoying lot of ads. I came across one site talking about all the animated movies released by DC and I have to say about 60% I've enjoyed. About 30% I haven't seen and it sounds like I am not missing much with those, and 10% I saw and were meh.

Suicide Squad the animated movie the Oceans 11 feel was great, and probably why I have not seen the live action movie yet. The animated movies generally get it right, probably because they are lower budget and don't feel they need to tell everything to make it worth $200 million. Take Green Lantern: First Flight verses the live action Green Lantern. I liked the live action movie actually, but the live action movie felt it had to pack so much in while the animated movie took it's time to tell a good story.

Then there was Superman/Batman - Public Enemies. Actually fairly meh EXCEPT for that it had Captain Atom and Captain Marvel (Shazam) featured. In the remarks I had this to say:

"Soooo many good titles listed here. Green Lantern and Wonder Woman got some great titles. And seeing Captain Atom in Public Enemies (2009) was great! What SHOULD have happened would have been lead up to the "Captain Atom: Armageddon", a awesome slugfest and would have introduced the Wildstorm Universe character to animation again."

What I wouldn't give to see that as a animated movie. :D


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