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Chicago Basement : The Game


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Based on a forum here and an idea by Retrogamer81081, here is another silly 7800Basic game titled, Chicago Basement. In four rooms down in a basement are prototypes of systems and games to collect as many as you can while avoiding the spiders, rats, centipedes, and even Steve Bartman. There are deep dish pizzas to restore some of your health points (the number on the right). The number on the left is your score.


I was going to add an upstairs room but things started getting glitchy so I omitted that room.



















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Carts are priced at $25 each. Reason being is these carts are 48K instead of 32k so I price according to memory size. You'll also get an instruction manual. If you want to purchase a cart, you know the drill. (Speaking of which I had a tooth drilled today.) Send me a PM with your order and address.

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Played this for a while this morning, but I never saw a pizza. :( Whatsa matter? You trying to tell me I'm too fat?


[guilty, btw.]

To get one of the first deep dish pizzas: Roam around the four rooms until just before reaching 4000 points . Then enter the yellow room and collect items until you reach 4000+ points. A pizza usually will appear. I should call this the Chicago Elusive Deep Dish Pizza.


You may have to give it several tries before it appears.



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