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Preliminary Monty


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This screen was added by pirates, and is displayed during loading (although it never displays the "press Start to begin" message visible above). In emulators, XEX files are loaded instantly so you can't see it, but transfer the file to a disk- or tape image and disable SIO patches, and it will be displayed.


BTW. Quite the opposite, this file is "Montezuma's Revenge" the final version, published by Parker Bros. on disk in 1984. The "Preliminary" name was slapped on it by pirates who didn't know better. That other version, with an animated title screen and music, is the unfinished one.

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Probably kill the big guy with swords and maybe even the firesticks. Huge disappointment the released game was, once I discovered it and played through for a while I just put it down never to return.


There seemed to be a bug or two. You could avoid the stomp by just staying halfway up a ladder, and I think that screen even had a bug where you could jump up an unopened door and end up in the status area.

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