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Boot Altirra without basic


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Ok dumb question but I cant seem to figure it out. I recently upgraded to Altirra 2.71 and I cant seem to turn Basic off for booting. The only option I have under Firmware is "Basic (boot without option key)". No matter what I select here my 130XE NTSC system always boots to Basic.


Im trying to test "JimSlides" and its coming up with garbage which I suspect is due to Basic being enabled by default.


Any pointers appreciated!


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SHIFT+RESET (usually F5) to cold start. Press OPTION key (F4) while holding the RESET key down and pressing Shift key together.

Do not release SHIFT + OPTION keys until you see DOS menu or start of your program.

(Key press mode = Raw Keys)





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It was never removed....


When the internal BASIC option is disabled, you should see Option show up on the right momentarily, indicating that the emulator is holding down the Option key for you. There are a couple of things that can mess this up, though. Certain cartridges will force this option disabled, such as AtariMax cartridges. The option may also not work if you are using a heavily customized OS. The XL/XE OS, though, should definitely work with this option. It won't work, of course, if you have attached the BASIC as a cart, in which case you should detach the cart.


Some games also initiate a software reset, which can cause the XL/XE OS to swap BASIC back in. These tend to be early games written in the 400/800 era though and the late post-reset reboot is obvious.

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