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PGRE (Intellivision) Vendors and Credit Cards?

First Spear

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Bring cash. Many of the tables are just people like you and me, selling off parts of our collections. I know that I don't personally have the ability to accept credit cards at my house. Some people may be cool with PayPal'd money but I wouldn't count on it.


There are ATMs all around the area (and probably inside the convention center), so getting cash shouldn't be a problem. Usually I go with a coupla hundred bucks, and if I find something really big - like my Neo Geo AES last year - I ask the guy to hold onto it, and run out to an ATM. Never a problem.


BBWW only accepts payment in parking garage favors.

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I am set up with PayPal to accept cards and will add 3% to cover the fee. It costs nothing to get started or to maintain and they send you swiping device for your phone or pad for free.


I will also accept Regular PayPal payments (+3%) and of course cash. No Checks, sorry.

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Bring cash, but there will be a handful of people set up to take credit cards via Square and PayPal Here. The headphone jack readers are dirt cheap to free (other readers cost more), but there is a ~3% fee per transaction. While it is easy to get set up with either Square or PayPal Here, not all sellers feel like it is worth the effort.


The one time I was a vendor at Seattle's Retro Gaming Expo, I was set up both Square and PayPal Here. However, every single customer chose to use cash. Though I spent getting both tools set up for credit cards, neither was ever used.

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ah, now I understand why he is so ambiguous about the price of the games I would like to buy from him... :-o



Like my other thing of importance I have to find it before I can play with it...let alone price it....and it looks better in the dark.

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