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Artillery Game, proof-of-concept


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I wanted to let users of Stuart's Internet browser that I got inspired this past week to hack together a program to simulate an artillery game that would run in it. Basically I put together a simple trajectory algorithm on the server-side that takes two fields of input from the user: Angle and Velocity. A couple of mountains are rendered on the screen and a projectile's trajectory is calculated and plotted on the page using custom character definitions which are created on the fly.


Basically I wanted to experiment with maintaining a bitmap of the TI's screen on the server side, scribble stuff on it, and run it through an algorithm which would iterate through the bitmap and create <cdef> statements on the fly. These <cdef> statements are then printed ti the browser to show the screen.


I want to make it multi-color (Presently the "target" is a bump on the side of a mountain, and is the same color of the mountain), and also make it 2-player. I'll keep working on it as time allows, but wanted to see if anyone else could help me test it in the mean time. It's linked up to the home page of myti99.com (It works on a modern browser too, using Javascript, but what's the fun in that?)


I think this approach could be used to make some cool games. If anyone is interested, I'd happily share the code - I wrote it in Perl. If anyone wants to create some games or apps, I'll be happy to host them on myti99.com. I am working on making a TI web platform using Python and Flask, but it will be a while before that's done.


Thanks to Rich Gilbertson for suggesting such a game for the browser, way back at TI Fest West this past April :)



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