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Folks, I have wanted an "ultimate" Atari for a while now, and for me that is : VBXE, 65c816 and hdd solution. And it will have a flat screen monitor. And it will be connected to the internet. These solutions have extended memory and SDX on them - that's implied. But some things that might be in another's ultimate atari, are not in mine - I do not care for side loaders, stereo cards or cards that interface with other cards and allow you to turn off features in software. I don't really need a keyboard interface. I wouldn't mind a laptop, but that's a bit of a stretch.

I've been unable to obtain my desired Atari for a while, because my first attempt at purchasing a VBXE resulted in a total loss of my investment (VBXE was never shipped).

65c816 was unobtainable at first...there are some classic upgrades or I would've counted the 65802, even without acceleration, but those were impossible to obtain. Then came the rapidus.

Then the irregular availability of HDD made that hard. Although I've owned a Sio2SD for a while, and frankly I should've just counted that. Because I love my SIO2SD and use it all the time...but I got stock on ordering something like an IDE Plus or SIDE 2 or blackbox or even a classic HDD, like a Supra (impossible to find in working condition).

Anyway this is to say, today I have a VBXE/Rapidus/Side 2 and while it is unbelievably flaky for doing things like - putting a cartridge in to play a game, somehow it does work perfectly for what I want it for, so far.

Now, I haven't gotten much into using the 65c816 yet, so we'll see....but it does "finally" have permanent storage. VBXE has worked for a while, and I have a flat screen. I once had a sio2pc setup, but have gone backwards on that...but so be it, I was never really happy with that anyway.

OK, long story short I have finally gotten at least something that works, flaky or not, I can finally transfer Frake...test it on real hardware.

So, I have finally returned to programming and did my first feature update in a month. It now remembers the direction you entered the room, instead of always nonsensically starting you at the bottom and going up.


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