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So I decided to work some more on my movie and TV scripts I do just for fun. I had Celtx on my old computer so I just figured I'd go to the Celtx website and download the latest one. So I go to Celtx website. To my surprise, the website changed and started a $10 fee and cloud storage. I don't need that junk! I'm just one guy who likes making scripts just for fun and not submitting them anywhere. I guess I was asking too much for them to look professional. So I googled around and saw a post from some screenwriting website. That's where I learned the desktop (I guess that means "free") Celtx had disappeared and they started charging fees and offering cloud services I don't want. But, he did have a link to share. It was to the final version of free Celtx. So I downloaded it. And it works! To make sure I always have it, I burned it to a disc so I'll always have it (unless I lose the disc.) Stupid greedy companies always wanting money. Although I don't know what company Celtx is a part of. But jeez. Really? There can't be an option for just having fun with screenwriting any more? I visited Trelby's website, and it does look intriguing, but I think you have to be a professional screenwriter to do anything with it. At least CeltX was (is?) easy and for people like me who just do this for no good reason.

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