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Under the heading of: WANTING IT ALL!


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The more goodies that come out for the TI, the more I realize I NEED even more new stuff!

When XB2.7S came out, I was happy... I didn't need to continually swap cartridges all the time. Life was good, I didn't need the widget anymore. XB and all the other goodies on one cartridge was GREAT!


When the FlashROM 99 came out, so did my XB2.7S, well out of the console anyway. I love the blindingly fast load times and the sheer quantity of stuff I can customize and jam on that thing... but no XB or Multiplan. For the first time in a long time the widget came out... but it's a little... tall.





Now I cannot expect the world, but it doesn't hurt to ask.... Ralf, any plans on a new version in the future that will simulate GROM too? Yeah, I want it all, my cake and to eat it too.

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That's funny timing, I was just missing my Mechatronics Gram Karte today. BITD is was that all-in-one for me. But today so much of the cartridge software is beyond what was imagined then.


As an aside:

I didn't think the widget worked with our modern +5v only cartridges... Did XB work with the flashRom99 plugged in? Should it work?



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Right, so if anyone wants to create a GROM simulator that works with the widget, you will need a circuit to detect the -5v line, and disable the GROM outputs if the -5v goes away. We took a stab at it with the GROM cart but the reset circuit was complicating the approaches we tried.

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