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Neon Run

Captain Spazer

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Neon Run is a racing game in the style of an endless runner. You drive past other cars, and try to blast them for points, the cars gets faster and after a while you begin to encounter giant oles, it's fiendeshly hard I think, but very fun. I'm no genius when it comes to sound so there's no master compositions, just the engine hummin and the sound of your neon lasers.


Controls: Left/right to steer, fire button to fire the neon laser, press the reset switch at the titlescreen to start, and to restart either ingame or when you crash.



NTSC: Neon Run NTSC.bin

PAL: Neon Run PAL.bin

Reviews & opinions are always good, aswell as feedback on what's good/bad, and if you encounter glitches.

The only glitch I know of is that sometimes the cars fuse together.

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A good start, but there are some issues.



  1. The game could use some more variation, e.g. horizontally moving cars, power ups, oil patches which are not deadly but harm control
  2. I suppose more sounds will follow? (shooting other cars, crash, passing other cars etc.)
  3. The cars should be animated and should not all look the same
  4. The first cars on the screen should either have random positions or maybe just no initial cars at all.
  5. Paddle controls might be better suited for this type of game, especially since you don't use joystick up and down
  6. The scoring should be higher, as it seems impossible now to get into even 4 digits (at least for me :))


  1. The border colors seem to be not 100% stable (most noticeable after death).
  2. The topmost car flickers and is horizontally positioned wrong for one frame.
  3. Also it pops into the screen.
  4. When a new car appears, all other cars disappear for one frame.
  5. Sometimes cars seem to disappear (the fuse bug you mention?)
  6. When you die while there is a shot on the screen, it is visible as an artifact at the top left
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