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SIO2SD problems on 800

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I'm having one of those days I feel like loosing whats left of my mind, if i still had it..


I have an SIO2SD I got a couple years ago, say ver 1.3 on the case. It worded ok on the 600XL I just sold, but now I want to run it on my 800 (not an XL)


I can't get in to the setup menu no matter what I try, everything I read says hold K4 on boot, but this doesn't have a K4 button, it has an ENTER though.. then the buttons are in a line across the top, but clustered like some diagrams show.


the most I get out on is on the monitors is "SIO2SD TURBO" in reverse text, and the [OPTIONS+] select or start, and of which end me at a scramble screen or non responsive.


I've tried the online help for it and that just isn't helping. So does it even work with an old 800 or just an XL device?





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ok, thanks, got the file on the post and will try it later. I finally got it to go in to the config screen, it wanted the shift + boot.. disabled the turbo, still won't run, so i try something called "topdrive" and disabled it and it loaded, so I'm making progress :)


this is why old computer are fun, you got to tinker with them to get them going, can you imagine the smartphone generation playing with this stuff... :D :-o

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