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Genesis Model 1 NON-TMSS Digital Audio Issues


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So I got one of these Model 1 NON-TMSS Genesis units and I haven't played around with it much yet. One thing I did was try the Bad Apple demo on with a Mega Everdrive and something seems very very wrong with it. Is there some issues with the Model 1 and the PCM audio capability with some software?


The sound distortion seems totally random but start out clear, every time, when I reset the demo then deteriorates to varying degrees ad the video goes on. Seems to be no pattern to when it starts distorting or how much distortion, just that it starts out fine.




I was also hoping to get a recommendation on any other tools are games that make heavy use of the PCM (digital audio?) channel to see if it's just this one demo that's incompatible or I have maybe a faulty sound chip...

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You'll likely find this thread very informative and helpful. :)


There is a lot more variety of a Model 1 than it being (NON-)TMSS.


You could have the VA2 motherboard revision of that series, which means in part:


"Sounds phenomenal EXCEPT when games have loud sound, in which case the VA2 Genesis Model 1's sound output gets crunchy and garbled. With those games, the audio quality could range from perfectly listenable but distorted to downright nasty. The preamp on these boards has its gain set way too high, resulting in this distorted sound."


The VA7 motherboard revision has some serious sound related issues too.

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