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So I go on eBay. My computer is really slow. I searched for N-Gage games I didn't have. I found one! I bought it as quickly as my stupid computer would let me. I'll be having Pathway To Glory: Ikusa Islands soon. I probably overpaid, but it's a rare game for the N-Gage, and thus commands crazy prices, but this one was cheaper than usual for some reason, so I bought it. I will never have a complete collection since the dumb Sega Rally had to be made, but I'm okay with that. I'm thinking part of the reason why it was cheaper than normal is because it wasn't sealed. But I don't care. I have some rare sealed games in my N-Gage collection. I never did get the appeal of that, though. Video games were meant to be opened, played, and enjoyed. Anything else is just an overpriced paperweight. But having said THAT, I doubt I'll ever open the sealed N-Gage games I have. Partly because I don't want to ruin the value, but partly because I probably doubt I'd enjoy playing them. So why collect them in the first place? The thrill of the hunt. Much like big cats like to stalk their prey, I stalk video games people haven't bought. I have a near complete collection. I just don't have the $900 or so to spare to get SEGA RALLY. The most I've paid was for an N-Gage game was a 5-game lot with Catan for $75. It was through this I learned that there actually is a spine for Virtua Tennis. The only copy I had before was an error print with a blank spine. I doubt there are many N-Gage collectors out there, but I think it's a great unique system, and the more titles I have for it the better and happier I'll be.

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