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Instructions for ordering D1K/D2K ROM

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Hello all,


Some of you may have noticed that there is no longer an ordering page for DK on my blogger page. I have taken this down because PayPal has a problem with me using their "buy it now" buttons to sell my work.


However, if anyone still wants the D1K and/or D2K ROMs, you can still get them by doing the following:


1. Send a donation of $20 to cmjrd2k@gmail.com. (You can also use the donate button on http://www.carlmuellerjr.com.)

2. Send an email to carljr17@hotmail.com, letting me know which ROM you want (D1K or D2K), and what name you would like included in the ROM (18 characters maximum).

3. I will send you the ROM and other materials (PDFs, etc.) to the email address you used to notify me, within 48 hours.


Note that I will send you both ROMs if you make a donation of $30.


Any questions, please let me know!


Thanks, Carl

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Can you verify the D2k rom I purchased last year. Never got email or maybe it went to spam. Thanks

According to my records, your ROM was prepared on 12/31/2012. PayPal will not let me view activity that far back, so I don't know which email address it was sent to.

PM me with a working email address and I will resend it.

By the way, this sounds very familiar. I think we went through this before.

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Does this go for D2K Special Edition as well? I have purchased all the other ones already.

Thanks for your support.

D2K Special Edition is not available for ROM purchase at this time. I won't be handling it, and to be honest I do not know when or even if it will be available.

I do know that the physical copies have not sold out yet, and I don't think it will be made available until that happens.


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Just to let everyone know, the "ordering" page for this ROM is now back up:

The instructions are exactly the same as has been listed in this thread, but this page will show you exactly what you get, screenshots and all that.

Please do not ask about the Special Edition. I do not know when or even if the ROM will ever be available.

Also to note that I am now only asking $15 as a donation, but of course more would always be appreciated.

Thanks, Carl

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