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SupraRam A500 trapdoor 512k + RTC battery replacement


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Quick and easy mod for any A500 trap door ram expansion with RTC battery that is soldered to the board.

Cleanly desoler old battery contacts from the board and insert new battery holder. I couldn't find the right size to exactly fit for this battery in the time frame I needed so I used a bigger one I purchase to do my YI mini memory module replacement.

20161007 123922

20161012 054822

20161012 054830

20161012 054859

20161012 055026

20161012 055120


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There wasn't one in place with the original soldered battery and the replacement is the same exact battery cr number. Why would a direct solder vs. A holder make any difference in regards to a diode?


In other words, these aren't rechargeable (original or replacement) so I don't think there are any recharging circuits.

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