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Trakball control issues


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I have a trakball controller with issues regarding the steering ball itself. When it has been unused for a while, it wont move the objects in game correctly. For instance the cursor in Missile Command moves quickly to the right on the screen, but it can hardly go to the left. Often I have to scroll it vertically or diagonally, in order to move sideways. After playing for a while, the controller starts to get the hang of it. It should'nt be like this however, it should work when I start playing.


I need hints on how to fix this problem, which I believe is a simple kind of problem, easily fixed...

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I usually start with the same thing on these trackballs, by checking the shafts the bearings ride on. They aren t really coated from rust, and the oil from your hands wrecks havoc on them. If memory serves right, the shaft for that side to side movement is the right side, so you may be applying move pressure when tracking to the right. The bearings get a little crusty over time too, and a little lube usually fixes them up. I m considering making shafts out of stainless to stop from having to take mine apart, but cleaning after usage generally stops that issue.

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