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New7800HSC-Season 1 Game 2: Ninja Golf


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Attention Ninja Masters, It's tee off time!

Ninja Golf

Game 2


Game Mode: Normal, 1 Player

Post your scores with screenshots here!

Emulation is fine!


Show us your Atari 7800 Serial-Number!

Post a picture from the bottom of your original 7800 with the SN for 1 bonus point!

(One system per player, of course)


Deadline: Wednesday, November 2nd 2016

Ninja Golf High Scores

1. oyamafamily 179,330 +11

2. S.BAZ 178,500 +10

3. Jin 159,940 +9

4. GoldenWheels 149,910 +7

5. toiletunes 146,910 +6

6. SIO2 74,880 +5

7. Trebor 73,190 +4

8. Mister-VCS 62,090 +2

9. Dauber 49,130 +1

10. LaurenTyler 45,670 +1

11. NIKON 43,880 +1

12 Vocelli 33,210 +1

13. Mangia-Boy 22,350 +1


S.BAZ +1

toiletunes +1

oyamafamily +1

Mister-VCS +1

GoldenWheels +1

SIO2 +1

Dauber +1

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final standings
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I always thought this game sounded cool but had never played it until tonight. After half a dozen or so games I can safely say that it isn't cool... it's awesome! :D


Very challenging too, but definitely awesome in every respect. I haven't been able to get past hole 6 yet but my best score so far is:


Ninja Golf (Atari 7800): 115,480



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I played a couple more games tonight and was able to make it to the Hole 7 dragon boss this time. :)



Edit: Tried again a few hours later and made it to Hole 8, but was promptly gobbled by sharks in the huge water hazard after my first swing. The underwater segments of the game are definitely the hardest for me and I've yet to find a reliable way to jump over or defeat the sharks without taking damage.



Ninja Golf (Atari 7800): 141,180



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One more update. Man I am so close to beating this game, and I know I can do it. I've made it to the Hole 9 dragon boss twice now but I keep cracking under the pressure trying to beat it. I'm gonna take a breather for the rest of the night but I'll try again tomorrow. I don't think I'm going to be able to get a better score than this unless I beat the game.



Ninja Golf (Atari 7800, Normal Difficulty): 159,940





Plus a little more picture evidence in the spoiler tag below, to verify that I've made it to Hole 9.




My score in strokes at the start of Hole 9:





My points score at the start of Hole 9:





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