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PAL Sorcerer's Apprentice Cartridge


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so, about 7-8 years ago I got an Atari Jr with about 15-20 games, pretty much all of them are common, but there's one game I got which, according to the rarity guide on the 2600 page is Scarce +, and, as you can tell by the topic name, it was a sorcerer's apprentice. But what ​I want to know, is the PAL version rarer than the NTSC version, because, the scarce+ is for the NTSC version. Also, in all the copies and versions I've saw on the internet, the title screen is a sort of bottle-green colour, but, on the one I have, the title screen is light blue.


I can't upload photos right now, I'm out of town for a while.


If anyone can help me from my description alone, that would be brilliant, I knew that game was uncommon, but not scarce +!

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Do you have the 1983 or the 1986 version?
the 1986 PAL-Version is much rarer than the 1983 PAL-Version, but i doubt that you can find a collector, who is willing to pay much more for it.

Is it boxed or only the loose cart?
btw: the international manual for the 1986 version is black&white.

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