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Oh Those Russians


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Suddenly I've found (and successfully!!! Backed Up) some russified programs for Atari. :P

It was writen on disk with SuperDOS 5.1 and thus not readable on Atari800WinPlus emulator, but...

I've replaced SuperDOS 5.1 version with 4.3T and deal done!
They are:
(At first, my IMHO - all of them are very beautiful !)

1. First XLent Word Processor
2. EditFont

4. Design Master (with hardcopy facility)
5. SpeedCalc
6. B. Shappel and W. Kolbe Database

The most idiotic thing of this pack is that you'll never can access Supercalc :mad: until not read carefully README.DOC on Side1 with the help of First XLent Word Processor !
It says us that WHEN WE MEET CLEARED SCREEN while loading CALC.EXE we can get CALC just only with pressing number 1, or 2 or 3 (It's printer model choice...)

By the way, when you have loaded text you see just font's joke.
Clear and meaningful Russian appears when you press Esc for exiting from Disk Menu.

Another kidding appears when you are loads DIR in Top's GRAPH.
It's fully in Kyrillic recoding and looks very silly for me.

I'm Glad and Proud personally that I had a lot of deals in time with Fractal and Personally with Maxim Nikiforov.


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Hi friend!


I need some reasonable time to read the publication.

Really, I've been interested mostly in Russia's history.


Not in computing history, because well known Stalin said "The cybernetics is pseudoscience!"


Now we know that he publicly lied! Because he knew a little more then mean person. He knew about A-bomb and immediately ordered to investigate instant calculations, distributed structure and parallelism of the calculations (because of A-Bomb) and ... He Never said then that cybernetics IS really a science.


All soviet scientists worked in many LOS ALAMOSes multiplyed by 100.

No one come in and no one come out!


Really US acted amost similarly.


But till now, NoOne said that the idea of Internet was not to exchange of "Likes" in social networks, but to save calculations from distortion, because A-Bomb is in any aspect LOCAL weapon - NOT a planet killer (Just Humanity Killer ...)


I'm not an Apologist of Stalin. I just understand him. The FATE!


He was just - SITUATION operative man. He was - an Action! man!


Like LAZO, KAMO, Alexander GRIN (Rus) and Kosciuszko (Pol), Lawrence ofArabia (Britain) etc, etc, etc ...


He was absolutely Brahman in it's intellect (and education) but absolutely Kshatriya in his actions.

He was an tactical organizer and participant of some attacks on Banks. Surely successfull.


He just has no one moral limit as any operative man.

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As far as it's concerned ATARI - Was NOT!


All of progressive humanities simply tried to maximally fastly converted USSR resources (like education, comsomol and party preferences etc.) into USA Dollars thus...


There was one-day firms, based on DUBNA's resources F.E., which was someway connected to Atari...


But at a time 386 cost was 150 000 rubles, 8088 costs 30 000 rubles and Atari ...

They all prefered NOT PERFECT COMPUTER but USD and RUBs.


This short period of easy-money ended soon.


And where are these firms?


Sorry, Englishmen !!!


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When I've read carefully lotek_style's post and run fontedit again, I've seen that fontedit is written by Pavel Garbachev.


Written or just russified?


I googled inet again and again ... but ...


How do you think is it really russian prog or not?


I could not find not russified version at all!



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