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GDI printers and the Atari

_The Doctor__

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as I looked at the data going around in the gdi system to the print driver and then to printer of windows pc... it sure looked like the pages are being moved around as bit maps.... with all the programmable arrays out there and other such processing chips atmegas etc... how hard would it be to make a text or Atari type bitmap graphics to printer converter device that could translate the standard ascii to printer bitmap and upconvert Atari bitmap modes to standard paper sized bit map modes, a heatseaker for the 8 bit mayhaps? How does the black box manage screen shot prints or the oki util for that matter....


In my heart of hearts I think it should be do able... but , I think a select-able driver mode would need to be on said device for a handful of printer manufacturer.... RAW mode looks close on all printer... just the paper out ink out blah blah blah seems varied among some printer manufacturers


Just an idea that seems possible and within reach with today's programmable processing chips



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