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Prostick II Joystick repair


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Hi, I recently bought a newport prostick II joystick and Im having issues with the up control.. seems the wire is bad just past the grommet outside.. if i hold the wire it works. I was considering cutting the cable shorter but the grommet seems molded in.. any ideas on how to fix this

I have made a few repairs under similar circumstances, but it's always a pain in the neck. The grommets usually are glued or molded in, but if you cut the cable out and shorten it, making the grommet re-usable is difficult. I don't have a specific method other than using an exacto knife and cutting and trimming excess cable wire from the insides of it. If you get it right, you can just slide it back on the cable further down the wire you're good to go. Hopefully that helps, it's hard to describe.

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