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I have been working on the Secret Government Waffle Project again. Trump called, he said there's no need to panic, the government is still doing the secret waffle project. ;) Anyway, I have some problems involving jars of jam. If you get one, the waffles move slower, as intended, but something unintended happens as well: The waffles stick to a pattern and don't deviate from it until you get another jar of jam. I moved bits of code around to try and make it stop but I can't. I put the file folder graphic back on the title screen due to popular demand. (I thought my waffle looked good enough to eat.) It took me a while but I also put the score on the folder as well, at the bottom. In green. I don't know why I chose green for the score color. Now that I think about it, it sort of reminds me of moldy waffles. I had a problem with the score background color but eventually I picked the correct numerical value and put it on there. I think Intellivision programming is hard, even with a BASIC compiler. IMO Odyssey 2 assembly is much easier, but I guess the Intellivision is hard to program for because it's a complicated machine that can do lots of various things.

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