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GBA AGS-101 version ?

Richard H.

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Can a GBA expert help me out here ?.


I want to make this EBay guy an offer on this still sealed GBA -




But, he doesn't know if it is a AGS-101 (and won't break the seal to check the console).


Anyone familiar with that box / colour ?




Thanks !

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The GBA SP Pearl Pink did come as a 101 backlit... so it's a good chance this is it. Although I am not familiar with that particular box or bundle.


Although upon further investigation...it looks like there is a version of Pearl Pink that is NOT the 101. If the box does not say "Brighter Screen", then I would be reluctant to take the chance...

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Those were £ not $ which is even more of a ripoff.


This is the silvery blue MJ is referring to. This price seems too high as well, unless GBA is somehow harder to find in the U.K.?



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This is not the 101... this was in the 001 series as best I can remember... it is one I don't have however to verify, but I am almost certain. The "new integrated screen light" is just referencing the 001 being self lit vs the original Advance, non-sp models.

Even if the pink color is pearlized, I will bet this is not a 101... these are quite old.


I just HAVE to add, that after reading the description, and reading "almost pearly" I can't help but believe the seller knows what this is... or "is not". Even if the unit is "Pink Pearl" in color, I don't remember these being 101's. Its value is likely caused by the fact it IS Pearl Pink, but isn't a 101, as that is often a primary way to identify 101s vs 001s


Update: I just got verification from an owner... these were 001's.



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AGS 101 was never released here in Europe, so yeah, it's harder to find than in the US. Price is also rising, since it's basically the ultimate game boy.


Just be patient, keep an eye out and eventually you'll find one for an OK price. I tried for a while to find people selling GBAs without knowing they got a 101, but there are so many GBAs on sell, and so few 101 that this is just not worth my time.


for 200 bucks you buy even the AGB modded with the 101 screen.

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If you want an AGS-101 for playing purposes rather than collecting then I'd recommend finding a good deal on a really scratched and beaten up system then just replace the housing, screen protector, and buttons with shiny new aftermarket ones for a couple quid. You can get them off eBay in all kinds of colors and styles, and the build quality and feel seems identical to the original Nintendo parts as far as I can tell. I went with a unique metallic purple housing for mine and it came out great. :)





You can also order some very authentic looking model and caution stickers for the underside of the system from http://www.nintendorepairhut.com/repairsupplies/gameboydsrepairitems.html if you're a stickler for authentic looks.





I totally get wanting to have a 100% mint and 100% authentic original AGS-101, but if you just want it to play games with rather than complete a sealed system collection then you might be happier saving yourself £150 and refurbishing a used system back to mint condition with aftermarket parts.

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Not worth it IMO. && as above, you can get a working (but ugly) 101's for around $50 and almost any color choice aftermarket replacement shell. It's how I got myself nice looking 101 myself: an uglt pearl blue that looks like it spent half a day under a belt sander. $8 later I got myself a mint metallic green 101 with Zelda Triforce vinyl decal on the top.


Do keep track of which screws goes where. Putting the longer screw in hole intended for short screw will leave you with a permanent pimple on plastic shell.

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