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new to the genesis scene


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Did you just add RCA jacks to the back for your stereo and composite mod? If so, I would advise you add the small circuit to wire in S-Video to that mix as that will produce an even better picture than composite, especially on LCD flat panels if you combine that with a cheap s-video to hdmi converter.


Aside from that, depending on the model you have.. you stated you have a non HD model 1? Happen to know if you have the infamous VA7 model? If so, you could look into the Mega Amp mod to correct the many faults of the audio out on the VA7 board.


There is also the mods to overclock but that isn't a mod I've been interested in doing as yet.


Region mods are also possible as well.


What are you wanting to do with it exactly?


Oh..and Welcome to AtariAge!

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Really nice work! Might have to send you a PM in regards to some console painting...hehe. I've a Dreamcast that looks boring and perhaps my personal NES once I get my Hi-Def installed in it.


Back to the topic, if you already have the complete video modifications with S-Video, Composite RCA..etc. Then really you only have the Mega Amp audio modification and overclocking.

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There's no need to mod the genesis unless you're doing it simply cause you like putting holes in stuff. The system outputs RGB stock through the A/V out. You can then convert that over to component (YPbPr) externally.

Either using the HD retrovision cables (once they're back in stock) or grab a scart RGB cable and run it to one of these:




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Which pins do you need a signal amp or filter caps resistors etc. Like I said I'm all new to this :)




you buy a sega genesis RGB cable and plug it in, just like you would a composite cable. I don't understand what you're trying to accomplish.. are you planning on making your own RGB cable or something? There's absolutely no need to do that. RGB cables are readily available:




You can plug that into that RGB to component box I linked to in post #9. or an upscaler.


Or you can wait for the hd retrovision cables to come back in stock which do the same thing (RGB signal is converted over to component)



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Just thought someone should mention the RGB jail-bar fix/RGB bypass.

I don't remember specifically how to do it only that I need to do it on my console.


I don't see the need for a bypass amp. The readily available scart cables will have appropriate resistors/caps built in the head. I've got a model 1 running through a framemeister, video quality is fantastic.


The main fix for the jailbars is to cut the composite video trace between the VDP and CXA, which disables it from the AV out as well. So I guess one "mod" could be a jailbar/composite switch. Turn off for RGB w/no jailbars. Turn it back on if you want composite video for whatever reason. Mine are fairly faint, haven't bothered hacking into the console.

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