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How much is the most money you have spent on a single game?


How much is the most money you have spent on a single game?  

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  1. 1. What is the most money you have spent on a single game?

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Not counting games with DLC (which I don't think I've spent that much money on), I think the most would probably be EarthBound. I remember it being $80 when it came out, and Nintendo Power came with a $10 off coupon.


Wish I would've kept the strategy guide in the box...it's in pretty bad shape now, and reading it kind of spoiled an amazing experience.


As for used games, I'm not sure...I can't imagine it's much higher than $25.

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That's a good point about DLC. You could also make an argument about the cost of controllers and such dedicated to a series of games, or even a single game. I'm not sure I could accurately calculate everything I've spent to play Rock Band 3, but I could start with the four figures I sank into a Roland electronic drum kit...

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Jaguar offered some expensive titles:

Towers 2 = $175.

Battlesphere Gold= $125 (original release).


But the most expensive to date? A game for the Intellivision.


Space Patrol = $220


Was happy when I got it. A "killer app" for the Intellivision as far as I'm concerned.

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$200. for Stadium Mud Buggies to complete my Intellivision boxed collection.


Well worth it to me! :)


Wish I was able to hold onto a large boxed collection of SNES RPG games i had, those jumped in value a lot.


Sadly, I needed the money more at the time I sold them. :_(


So how much did you have to pay for your Spiker, Learning Fun(s), and Congo Bongo? If you got those for less than $200 boxed then I want to know how. Seems like a good story.

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I picked up Steel Battalion brand new once the price dropped to $200. As far as games without giant controllers, my top would be Super Nintendo Earthbound (loose) I paid around $160 for or Sega CD Popful Mail (complete), which was around $170. I do not remember if the $160 was before or after tax so I do not which one was more expensive for sure. They were both within the last couple of years though.


I do plan on getting a complete copy of Tank Command for the 7800 someday so that might top those. If I ever decide to be really stupid, or win the lottery, I may get Battlesphere for the Jaguar someday too.

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