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Turbografx sound weak using AV cable?

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Hi guys. Testing my TG16 and noticed something odd when comparing the performance to my other classic consoles. I'm using an AV cable that I bought off ebay last year, and it's basically a mod to allow AV outs. The seller backs the product and while it's simplistic, it works and the cost was reasonable.


When I used to play this system using RF output, it really wasn't all that bad but I wanted to have all my systems going through a switcher, so I figured AV was the way to go. The picture looks good, but honestly, I don't find it all that much better than the RF output. And the sound is only what I can say is weak...I have to crank up the volume on the tv a few good notches to get the same sound output as my other systems (NES, SNES, Genesis). This somewhat increases the noise floor that my Sony tv already has, but it's not all that bad.


I was just wondering if others have noticed this with their AV connectors, other than the official Turbobooster (which may in fact have some compensation for the signal drop?)...I seem to recall reading that this was in fact just something that goes along with the TG16 territory.


Can anyone confirm or deny? Thanks!

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The RF modulator in the TG-16 is really quite good as compared to most other systems. I also didn't notice much of a difference between the RF and composite on mine. However, once I put a new S-video circuit into it the difference was quite a bit!




I've actually redone the s-video with a completely different circuit than what was done in these photos, but even this older version of the circuit still outputs a good picture. Newer version has less jailbars and better overall color saturation.

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