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Genesis controller mod


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I've finally decided I'd like to do this, and I've found instructions for the bootleg controllers here:




Wondering if anyone has any additional advice for Amiga/C64 mods for these controllers. I know you have to knock the chip out for 64, but I'm interested in the up-to-button mod as it's pretty awkward to use "up" for jump if you didn't grow up with this (NES was my first). Thanks for any help.

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If you take the metal puck out from under the Start button (and perhaps the A button -- just to be safe), you should be good to go as far as the Amiga is concerned. From what I recall, the Start button CAN damage an Amiga.


The B button is the one that is used as the fire button when hooked up to an Amiga computer so that works out nicely.

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