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Everdrive GB question


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I noticed the GB Everdrive in the picture at the store had a GBC shell. Is that the shell that comes in, or does it come with no shell and they just decided to put it in a GBC shell? The reason I'm asking is because I would like to put the GB Everdrive if I get one in an original Game Boy. The GBC shell does not fit in an original Game Boy. I am very happy with the Game Gear one and I'd also like to get one for the Game Boy, but I thought I'd ask this question before I bite the $88 bullet.

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The first batch of ED-GB was sold without a shell but people had problem. People who opted to use a shell without cutting a slot for microSD card were breaking microSD card when the shell was closed. There microSD card sticks just far enough to bump into the plastic ridge inside the cart shell, and is where the problem occurred.


Here's a thread: http://krikzz.com/forum/index.php?topic=1688.0

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The reason I asked is because the custom shell doesn't look like it has a nick off the right edge like the original Game Boy cartridges do.

It's not so much a "nick" as it is a little slot, but last time I checked, the custom cases work with the DMG.


I bought mine before the custom cases came out, and I opted to use one of the black cartridge shells (GBC backwards compatible)...it's really an ugly mess =) The battery is so thick, you have to shave away at some of the case to fit it...I ended up shaving too much and had to put duck tape over the hole.

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The first thing I did with my ED was test in all Game Boy versions to see which one I'd like the best.

Well, it depends on the game =)


Usually I prefer most DMG games on a Pocket, or maybe Super Game Boy for some nostalgia, but otherwise I'll go with the GBC.

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