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Swapping out the Signetics CPU with Motorola


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Right..so my va3 Genesis has the signetics 68k in it. Thought I would try putting in an actual motorola 68000L10 in it. Looks to be a pin for pin match and the L10 just means it runs at max of 10mhz with a min of 4mhz.


However, I've tried two of these CPUs and both do similar things. One appears to be better to at least getting games started, but they usually lock up just after the sega logo or right as you start gameplay. The other will usually not even give you the sega logo in most cases. I verified the socket I installed is good as the original signetics popped back in works just fine.


I figured these MC68kL10 would be better for for the longevity of things.


And bear in mind I'm talking about 68000L10 not 68010 !!!




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Well..wanted to update this thread. I recently bought a pair of Hitachi mc68000k of the exact model used in the Sega Genesis and still no joy with this. It would appear that my HDG model1 just doesn't like anything other than the signetics it came with. At this point I'm out about $40 across 4 different 68000k CPUs with all of them doing similar things. That is, mostly they just lock up after the sega logo screen on most games, or failure to start up at all. Pop the Signetics back in and everything fires up instantly...


I'm going to put this on hold for the time being since I do have a working genesis and this was really all more for curiosity than anything.

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