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Christmas Tune DPC+ demo


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Unfinished (way unfinished)...

Posting my first attempt at this song, don't know if it will be fixed or final before Christmas.


This uses the Pitfall II type of 3-channel music, with notes in tune.

DPC+ needs Stella 3.1 or newer for emulation,

Oops, Harmony or Harmony Encore 2600 cart for real hardware will not work as I did not merge it with the header..



Thanks to Supercat via SpiceWare for this assembly routine.

It has a nice vibrato effect, a little bit better than Stay Frosty 2 as this is just doing the tune and a simple sprite display and not an entire game engine logic.


DPC+ music has to be done in assembly as no kernel has been made for batari Basic.


I got the color changed, and tried to have the display flip (so it is more tree-like), but no luck with my newbie asm skills!

Joystick speeds it up, but default 0 is already quite fast.




Merry Christmas to all here that celebrate it, and Happy Holidays to everyone else!

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Have you ever tried to compensate TIA's volume compression? IMO the music should sound even better then.

No I have not.

The most I can do is enter note data.

This player and the nice sound of the playback is all thanks to the programming of Supercat when DPC+ was first created.

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