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Sound Not Working Lynx 2


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I bought a Atari Lynx 2 off EBay where the seller said sound was working. It has arrived and the sound is not working. I have also tried headphones and I am just getting a crackling noise and no sound. A very light crackling noise is coming through the speaker. I also tried using external power, so its not a low battery issue.


Is non working sound on these an issue or a possible easy fix or is it best I return it and get another with working sound?

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So I've had this happen on a customer's Lynx. What I ended up doing that fixed it was resoldering all of the sound amp IC's.. things just mustve came loose over the years from being dropped.


Same issue on a Lynx II I'm trying to repare (totally recapped)....only crackling noise from the speaker and also from headphones if I connect them.


Excuse me, which IC? U7 ?


I resoldered its pins but nothing changed...

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I do all by myself.... :grin:




It was....U5 or U12

Those are the audio amp.

I had two not working Lynx.... so....

I substituted the two audio amps with the others two taken from the other not working lynx and now the console is 100% working afther that it was 0%!



At least one on two! :-D



I don't know if the issue was exactly U5 or U12....or both..... because I changed immediately both the ICs to try.... but now I don't want to try changing again one by one to find the real guilty.


I see that the component name is NJM2073


Unfortunately on Ebay you can find only NJM2073M and I don't know if it is good as a plug and play spare part.

There is also NJM2073B but it has different kind of pins...(anyway it could be adaptable...I really don't know)

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