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O2 video mods?


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New to O2. Still waiting for console to arrive.


I seen some post about adding composite video using wires only, no video amp. Does that work?


I've also seen some posts about adding RGB components to the system board, in order to allow the console to provide RGB video out. Does that work?

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The Voice goes draped over those vents in the back. Anywhere lower than that slope will be fine. There is plenty of empty space on the back left for ports.



Back left might have to be the spot. Recessed area in back might hit system board. Still thinking about it.

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I can't remember. I can say it works good and one can print for themselves on oshpark.com, so should be pretty cheap.


I may well just do that and am hoping that it looks as good on an LCD screen as it does on a CRT :)


My curiosity was piqued when I realised that your circuit looks to be the same as that used by Retrofixes which is markedly different to that used by coolretroprojects - the latter being based on this one from SolarFox.


But, with a little more searching I managed to find the source of the circuit used on your board which is from Wery who is a member of the assemblergames.com forums.

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