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Moving from screen to screen


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Attached is what I used and learned from. If side scrolling that is smooth like Super Mario then http://atariage.com/forums/topic/215171-princess-rescue-batari-basic-source-code/?hl=%2Bprincess+%2Brescue&do=findComment&comment=3177516 has the source code. Also the game I made from all the examples I could find here in the forum is at:


Pac_Man Eat n Run



There are some tutorials the Random Terrain maintains that I think almost everyone refers to at:




Hopes this helps, thanks.

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This what I used to make the data statements that are from the thread that Ultima posted. The excel sheet is where I did the calculations based off of Stargunner's example. Also to move just left and right and not move all directions maybe a little easier to start with. That is what I started with and then moved up to this example.


rem player changes screen left and right
if player0x=135 then player0x=15 : canal = canal-1
if player0x=10 then player0x=130 : canal = canal+1
if canal > 5 then canal = 5


rem which screen is next left or right
if canal = 0 then gosub draw_canal_shape_3 bank6
if canal = 1 then gosub draw_canal_shape_1 bank6
if canal = 2 then gosub draw_canal_shape_2 bank6
if canal = 3 then gosub draw_canal_shape_1 bank6
if canal = 4 then gosub draw_canal_shape_2 bank6
if canal = 5 then gosub draw_canal_shape_0 bank6


The code above is just to move left and right. Hope this helps, thanks.

Game Data - Legends Unite.xls

move around rooms DPC+.txt


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