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Kaz Kompo 2015 - vote for the best game from 2015


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Dear Atarians,

It's the 10th edition of annual Kaz Kompo contest and on behalf of AtariOnline.pl site I would like to invite YOU to take part. Help us to decide which 8-bit Atari game published during last year was the best.

The winners from previous editions:

2014: 1. RGB, 2. Treasure Island Dizzy, 3. The Great Return of the Penguins
2013: 1. Assembloids XE, 2. Deathchase XE, 3. The Hunt
2012: 1. Ridiculous Reality, 2. Line Runner, 3. Callisto
2011: 1. Space Harrier, 2. Marbled, 3. Mighty Jill Off
2010: 1. His Dark Majesty, 2. Ocean Detox, 3. Dr. Mario
2009: 1. Kolony 2106, 2. Nightshade, 3. Ghastly Night
2008: 1. Bomb Jack, 2. Hobgoblin, 3. Knight Lore
2007: 1. Yoomp!, 2. Crownland, 3. Mindblast
2006: 1. Flowers Mania, 2. Klony, 3. Nibbly

Shortened version of Kaz Kompo rules:

  1. The contest is open to all games released in year 2015 for the Atari 8-bit computers. No matter whether they are commercial or freeware games, awarded in other contests or not, whether they require expansion or not, etc. Important is that they became publicly available between January 1st and December 31st 2015 and by the time of our contest there exists a version that can be treated as "final". If something is missing on the list - let know to Xeen.
  2. You can vote by adding your comment in this thread or on AtariOnline.pl or by sending an email to Xeen (mcora @ tlen . pl). All the votes (nickname + given points) will be published with the announcement of the voting results.
  3. The authors and co-authors of the games participating in the contest may vote for their own works.
  4. Vote for up to 10 games, specifying their order. The points will be given as follows: 1st place - 10 points, 2nd place - 9 points, ... , 10th place - 1 point. It is allowed to vote for less than 10 games, by not specifying some of the places.
  5. The voting ends on midnight (your local time) of December 28th/29th, 2016.
  6. Several prizes will be drawn among the voters.
  7. There are no material prizes for the winning games creators, the only prize is the achievement of being on the podium and the right to use golden, silver or bronze Kaz Kompo winner logo.



The full version of the contest rules and the full list of 80 games you may find here (article in Polish, Google translated).

The package with all entries is downloadable from HERE.

There will be more information in this thread soon, I will present the list of the entries.

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First part:



Created by Martin "MatoSimi" Simeček, Mario "Emkay" Krix - ABBUC Software Contest 2015





Created by Avery "Phaeron" Lee (A2600: Warren Robinett)

Port of Atari 2600 classic game





Created by James "Slor" Wilkinson




Biedny Pies Antoni 3 (in English: "Miserable Dog Anthony 3")

Created by Mgr inż. Rafał Chabowski





Created by Lyren "Xuel" Brown, José Pereira, Marek "Poison" Pesout, Holger "Rockford" Bommer (C64: Simon Collis, Gremlin, Shaun Pearson)

- ABBUC Software Contest 2015




Booby Jackpot

Created by CePe - Ironia 2k15




Chcete být milionářem (in English: "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?")

Created by Petr "HardCore" Postava - Atariáda

Czech language only





Created by Terrence "Tezz" Derby, Shahid Ahmad, Rob Hubbard

Highly improved version of Chimera




Crazy Maze Race

Created by Roklan Corp. in 1984




Curse of the Lost Miner

Created by Michael "Baktra" Kalous

- Atariáda




D.I.T.C.H. ("Deeper in the Cave, Helipilot")

Created by Morons of H.A.R.: Creature XL, OSon, Flash

- New Year's Disk 2015




Delta Space Arena

Created by Peter J. Meyer

Commercial game, demo version available




Duszpasterz Jan Rzygoń / Priest John McPuke

Created by Mgr inż. Rafał Chabowski, Wykwity na Zwieraczu, eZp, Vidol





Created by Frantisek "Fandal" Houra, Christian "Irgendwer" Krüger (BBC Micro: Gordon Key)

Conversion from BBC Micro





Created by Jason "TheRealBountyBob" Kendall, Jacob "Radix" Svanholm

- ABBUC Software Contest 2015




The Great Escape

Created by Denton Designs, Mariusz "mariuszw" Wojcieszek, José Pereira, Filippo "Philsan" Santellocco, Marek "Poison" Pesout, Bartłomiej "Wieczór" Wieczorkowski

Conversion from C64




JawBreaker 2

Created by Maciej "Grzybson" Grzybek, Calypso2K, Michał "Miker" Szpilowski - Derenegeracja 2k15




Jim Slide

Created by Ingo "1NG" Boller, Marek "Poison" Pesout & 8BitJunkie, Bunsen, Ghaland, Poison, Yellow Man, Valli, Florigold, 1NG

- The winner of ABBUC Software Contest 2015

Full version available only on cartridges.




Joystick Mastah

Created by Paweł "Sikor" Sikorski, Michał "Miker" Szpilowski - ABBUC Software Contest 2015




Litle Game (in English: should be called "Little Game" most probably)

Created by Winfried Fiedler - ABBUC Software Contest 2015

Basically it's a new version of "Game Harry" by the same creator




Lost in Space

Created by Sijmen "Mr. Atari" Schouten, Mark Boomsma, Marc & Anouk




MasterIt 2015

Created by Ralf "PPs" Patschke - New Year's Disk 2015




Mensch ärgere Dich nicht (popular board game, US: "Aggravation" GB: "Ludo", PL: "Chińczyk")

Created by Gonzo




Oczopląs (in English: "Nystagmus")

Created by Marek "Koala" Ogłodek, Marcin "Cedyń" Czartyński - Ironia 2k15

Static images cannot show what's really happening on the screen :)




Pająki, pająki (in English: "Spiders, spiders")

Created by Sławomir "Bluki" Woźniak





Created by Martin "MatoSimi" Simeček, Zdeněk "PG" Eisenhammer, Marek "Poison" Pesout - RetroKomp / Load Error 2015




Ramp Rage (v1.2)

Created by Jason "TheRealBountyBob" Kendall





Created by Anthony Weber (Roklan Corp.)




Ryba piła (in English: A wordplay in Polish: "sawfish" = "fish has drunk" )

Created by Sławomir "Bluki" Woźniak




The Saga of Erik the Viking

Created by Level 9 Computing, Mike "Homesoft" Langer

Text adventure, conversion from Amstrad CPC




Secretum Labyrinth Kings Gold

Created by Peter J. Meyer, Lance Ringquist




Secretum Labyrinth: The Legend

Created by Peter J. Meyer, Lance Ringquist

Commercial game, not included in our package.




Space Voyager

Created by Tomasz "TDC" Cieślewicz - Derenegeracja 2k15




Sprint 1

Created by Norbert Kehrer

1978 arcade game emulation




"The Real" Star Raiders II

Created by Aric Wilmunder

Unfinished 1984 "real" sequel to original Star Raiders, before "The Last Starfighter" was rebranded.




Strictly Gone Bananas

Created by Paul "Playsoft" Lay, Harvey Kong Tin, Reyn Ouwehand & Johannes Bjerregaard, Michał "Miker" Szpilowski

- New Year's Disk 2015




SWAY ("Scooby-Doo! Where Are You!")

Created by Tomasz "TDC" Cieślewicz, Bartek "V0yager" Dramczyk - Global Game Jam 2015

Static images cannot show what's really happening on the screen :)




Tajemný Amulet (in English: "Secret Amulet")

Created by Frantisek "Fandal" Houra, Zdeněk "PG" Eisenhammer - FLOP 58

Text adventure in Czech only





Created by Víctor "Vitoco" Parada - ABBUC Software Contest 2015




Turbo Snail

Created by Wojciech "Bocianu" Bociański, Krzysztof "Kris3D" Kuc





Created by Paweł "Sikor" Sikorski, Bartek "V0yager" Dramczyk - Global Game Jam 2015




Wkórwek (in English: It's a neologism, something like "fucking irritating thing")

Created by Marek "Koala" Ogłodek, Marcin "Cedyń" Czartyński - Derenegeracja 2k15



Edited by +Adam+
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Second group - all 22 entries from NOMAM Basic Tenliners contest, the games written in 10 lines of several BASIC dialects. All those games are included in one ATR file in the games package:



Created by Bostjan "Gury" Gorisek




Apple Max

Created by Cliff Hatch




Broad's Revenge

Created by Frantisek "Fandal" Houra, Christian "Irgendwer" Krüger




Carrera 3D

Created by Daniel "dmsc" Serpell




Cemetry Chase

Created by Yoda Zhang (Kemal Ezcan) - should be "Cemetery Chase" probably





Created by Holger "Rockford" Bommer





Created by Gunnar "Bunsen" Kanold





Created by Chris "atariland2600" Read




Glider Fight

Created by Jan-Sören "VD TONIC" Haas





Created by Adrian Groves




Joy Joy Revolution

Created by Kevin Savetz





Created by Chris "atariland2600" Read




Magic Cards

Created by Abel "ascrsoft" Carrasco





Created by Marc "Sleepy" Brings




Mini Break

Created by Bill Kendrick





Created by Adrian Groves




Olympics 6502

Created by German "devwebcl" Gonzalez-Morris





Created by Kevin Savetz





Created by Sean Billings





Created by Bill Kendrick





Created by Adrian Groves




Slide Ten

Created by Ingo "1NG" Boller

The game was later developed into "Jim Slide".



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The third and final part - new levels, hacks, minor modifications (16 games):

Boulder Dash Mugen 17
Created by Edgardo "Doctor Mugen" Aranda
New levels of Boulder Dash.


Curse of the Lost Miner - Underground Madness Challenge
Created by Michael "Baktra" Kalous
Game based on 2 previous Lost Miner games by the same creator.


Dimo's Quest NYD 2015 Edition
Created by Thomas "8bitjunkie" Schulz & others - New Year's Disk 2015
New levels of Dimo's Quest


Joe Painter 2 – Deeper Walls
Created by Holger "Rockford" Bommer - Fujiama 2015


Popeye Arcade (Popeye hack)
Created by Mike "Homesoft" Langer, Aking, Darryl "darryl1970" Guenther, Paul "Playsoft" Lay
Started as a port from Atari 5200 - a new title screen, many changes in graphics, collision detection improved


Robbo Marik 4
Created by Mariusz Wolany, Sebastian Wolany
New levels of Robbo.


Robbo SWS-09
Created by Sebastian Wolany
New levels of Robbo.


Robbo SWS-10
Created by Sebastian Wolany
New levels of Robbo.


Silent Service Modified (hack)
Created by Binarygeek
Corrected gameplay balance - here's the link to the changes list


Space Arena M4
Created by Frantisek "Fandal" Houra, Marek "Poison" Pesout - FLOP 58
Multijoy hack


Tre Robbo 45
Created by Michał Kowalski
New levels of Robbo.


Tre Robbo 46 - Kraina Ruchomych Działek (in English: Tre Robbo 46 - Land of Moving Cannons)
Created by Michał Kowalski
New levels of Robbo.


Tre Robbo 47 - Janusz Pelc Robbo Remix (1 & 2)
Created by Michał Kowalski
New levels of Robbo - this time based on the original levels from first Robbo game by Janusz Pelc.


Up for Grabs M4
Created by Ken Madell, hack: Frantisek "Fandal" Houra - FLOP 58
Multijoy hack


Zeppelin M4
Created by William Mataga, hack: Frantisek "Fandal" Houra - FLOP 58
Multijoy hack


Zone Ranger (hack)
Created by Dan Thompson, Frantisek "Fandal" Houra
PAL fix - inactive barriers bug eliminated


Edited by +Adam+
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If you love games on Atari 8-bit and you like new games on this machine, the best way to say "thank you" to the games creators is to vote for their works :) We are very curious what are your choices as different people have different tastes.

You don't have to select all 10 games - maybe you just want to give points for 3 or 4 games, that's OK for us.

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Dear Atarians,


It's the 10th edition of annual Kaz Kompo contest and on behalf of AtariOnline.pl site I would like to invite YOU to take part. Help us to decide which 8-bit Atari game published during last year was the best.


  1. The voting ends on midnight (your local time) of December 28th/29th, 2016.

There's not much time to vote!


You now have 3 categories (which is good): games,10 liners and hacks - is there a vote for each or just one overall?

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Maybe I didn't make it clear: there is just one "category", as always. I have divided games to 3 groups for better orientation. For example all tenliners are included in one file (no need to find them in the package by name) and also one may evaluate a game higher knowing that it's written in just 10 lines.

Vote for any 10 (or less) games from the list you want :)

Edited by +Adam+
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I'd like to notice that some of the games with non-English titles can be played without knowing specific language (for example Oczopląs). However there are two games Chcete být milionářem and Tajemný Amulet where the player has to know Czech language - unfortunately there is no other version.


Duszpasterz Jan Rzygoń is a Polish title, but don't worry, the game comes in two language versions, so you can play it in English as well. Here you can find a map for this game - it was too big to add it to games package.

Edited by +Adam+
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Here are the ones I had the most fun with

1. Chimera+ 10pts - superb. Checkout my review in Pro© Magazine Issue #7 ;)

2. Curse of the lost Miner - spent a good few hours completing this, interesting controls and different ways to complete some levels. You might pool the votes for the two CUTLM games as people will vote for one or the other but not both?

3. Bomber - very playable and great to see a new paddles game (joystick also)

4. Toy Swap - perhaps too easy / long?

5. Atarinet - simple but fun

6. Ramp Rage - (my own) classic arcade game with long term playablity. Lots of features and progressive difficulty over many levels. If anyone found it too complex then just think there are 4 coloured playfields so work out which colours kill you; it changes when you are airborne ;)

7. Jim Slide - nice game

8. Gravity - (my own) turned out much better than I thought; several different bonus stages to keep the game interesting, probably most players will not reach the more challenging ones on levels 12 and 15 as level 10 is mean!

9. Delta Space Arena - liked the demo, would consider purchasing if someone would review or comment on the game.

10. Jawbreaker 2 - again simple but fun


Thanks everyone for taking the time to create something, don't be upset if you end up with 0 points as this poll format is tough on the smaller games!! I like the new hacks category to give everyone recognition for their efforts. The Zone Ranger fix is a great example, for years I wondered why the game didn't do much inside the complex and after a HSC play / discussion with NTSC players contacted Fandal who kindly fixed this :thumbsup:


I'll plug the High Score Club here as the new season starts in January and we desperately need some more players to keep this alive ;)

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1. Star Raiders II (Real)

2. Adventure (2600)

3. Chimera+

4. E-Type

5. Great Escape

6. AtariNet

7. 3plex


Thanks to all involved.


Didn't notice Jim Slide there.


Revised list:


1. Star Raiders II (Real)

2. Adventure (2600)

3. Chimera+

4. E-Type

5. Great Escape

6. AtariNet

7. Jim Slide

8. 3plex

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8Bitjunkie contacted with us and explained, that his "Dimo's Quest - Setz Dich Durch Und Sei Kein Lurch!" game, presented on AtariAge in March 2016, was in fact shown in October 2015 during ABBUC General Meeting. Also that version included all levels from Dimo's New Year's Disk version, so we have replaced the previous file with newer game, called in short: "Dimo's Quest - Lurch Edition". Here you can find 8Bitjunkie's post from March with some details about differences.




There are two language versions of that edition: English and German. Unfortunately Dimo's games don't work in NTSC (PAL only so far).


All the previous votes for NYD 2015 Edition are counted now as votes for Lurch Edition. And the new version of Kaz Kompo games package can be downloaded from HERE

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Hey, this thread needs more votes! Here's my selection:


01. D.I.T.C.H. ("Deeper in the Cave, Helipilot")

02. Duszpasterz Jan Rzygon

03. Ramp Rage

04. Bomber

05. Strictly Gone Bananas

06. Dimo's Quest NYD 2015 Edition

07. Biedny Pies Antoni 3

08. Oczoplas

09. Carrera 3D

10. Chimera+


It was really tough as I had chosen 15 entries and had to scale it down to 10 :).

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Just released Jim Slide XL.

Full version of Jim Slide for ABBUC Contest and Full version of Jim Slide XL available for free.

Ment for collectors only: The real, very limited nice box and cart is available for real money. (Preordering is nearly sold out. First carts were delivered yesterday)


See http://atariage.com/forums/topic/260299-christmas-present-jim-slide-xl/?p=3656844

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My vote:

1. The real Star Raiders II (10 Points)
2. Jim Slide
3. Dimo's Quest Lurch Edition
4. Chimera+
5. D.I.T.C.H.
7. Sprint 1
8. Strictly gone Bananas
9. Bomber
10. Adventure (1 Point)


(The list would easily be much longer...)

Thanks to all the creative people who let us have so much fun last year!

Edited by 8Bitjunkie
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