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Once I get High Seize in the mail, I'll only have two N-Gage games I don't have: "Civilization" and "Warhammer 40,000." Do any of you have either of these? I've given up on ever being able to afford Sega Rally. If I ever feel the need to play a racing game on the N-Gage, I'll play Crash Nitro Kart. Right now it's 22 degrees F out here. But the sun decided to come out and hopefully that will melt the snow. We still have all that snow on the ground that came Wednesday. I feel sorry for the Chicago football game Sunday since it's supposed to be below 0. Why not just postpone it? If they can call out baseball games from rain, why not football games since it's too cold? And Aretha Franklin postponed her Chicago concert. I haven't gone anywhere since Sunday, so I'm getting cabin fever here. Just realized there's another rally game for the N-Gage: Colin McRae Rally 2005. So it makes one wonder why Sega went ahead with its rally game. I tried to make a snowman, but the snow was too powdery and snowballs kept falling apart. My computer is acting all slow whenever I try to make the ActionMax game. I don't know why, I just got this computer in April. It shouldn't be so slow. I guess it hates the program I make it in.

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