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Go! The game.... A request!

_The Doctor__

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I have taken an interest in the game that gave our computers their name (check) Atari...

Only two programs exist and they could be remade by our awesome coders, graphists, and genius musicians here on Atari Age.


The problems with current fair.... the game piece stones look crappy

A little sound for tight situations would be nice....

One of them is in basic and the AI is slow and quite simply lame!


My requests, face lifts for the originals


Maybe a turbo basic porting, or action porting of the game with improved AI or an awesome ML version.... with sparingly applied incidental ancient Chinese sounds in it..


I just find it hard to believe that one game that absolutely should shine on the Atari is GO and the only choices we have are simply dreadful in intelligence, lacking polish or bling!


Help make Atari mean something to GO! Doing so will make GO meaningful on the ATARI!

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Go doesn't need much colours. To have some nice ambient hires looking, the game should be build on a GR. 8/15 interleave mode plus some PM Overlay. As the game is almost a still image, the overlay could be driven to the CPU limits, if needed :)

It would allow some ambient shadowing and hires looking at the same time.

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found these at Fandal:




these at atarionline.pl:




and these at atarimania:




Alright, looks like these are always: 1) Go by Hayden Software (author Stan Erwin), 2) Go by Abbuc (author Friedrich Brucker). The first one is ML, the second one is Basic, but not Atari Basic - it is TB XL ! Press the break key and list it... then make changes as you wish... or compile it...



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Go by hayden is too easy... but it is ML needs a face lift and some incidental sounds...

Stack Go is too darn slow.... same deal could use a face lift and soft incidental sounds maybe it should be moved to turbo basic, it is also os-b only...

I will try Friedrich Go and abbuc Go ... maybe they already made it better...

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