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City Bomber


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This is my first little batari game to familiar myself with basic programming for the Atari 2600.


The game is based on Blitz for the ZX Spectrum. It is one of the games I remember from my childhood. It is similar to Canyon Bomber for the 2600.


The game were also called City Bomber and City Lander on other platforms.


From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blitz_(video_game)...

A plane moves across the screen at a steady speed. When the plane reaches the end of the screen it moves to the other side and drops down one line, with the speed increasing each time the plane drops a line. Below is a cityscape composed of blocks. The player has to drop bombs from a plane, and each bomb which hits a building removes one or more blocks. As the plane descends it risks hitting any remaining blocks so priority has to be given to bombing the tallest "buildings". The level is completed when all blocks are removed and the plane has descended safely to the bottom of the screen.



Most of this game is copy paste from Random Terrains awesome tutorials. (I'm pretty sure he will not approve of all the gosubs)


The game is only 2k as that is the only size eproms I currently have handy.


The one thing I was unable to do were to make each building a different colour. If someone have a cool trick of accomplishing that it would be appreciated. :)


Attached is the bin and bas.



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